The Ubyssey wants to know what the purpose of this wire sea serpent is

You’ve probably walked by this thing a bunch of times. You’ve probably thought “I wonder what this damn thing is,” and “What’s its purpose?” We here at The Ubyssey are similarly confused and want answers.

The sculpture has been in the water feature along University Boulevard for a few months now, so it doesn’t seem to be tied to an event or time of year or any sort of political message. So is it some sort of joke? I really do wish this article could tell you, but we’re not really sure either.

It’s probably a reference to the great sea serpents of the world, such as the Ogopogo or the Loch Ness Monster. But, to what end?

Is it an abstract art installation pointing out the hypocrisy and allusiveness of hoaxes of cryptozoology? But you know what, with no explanation by a person or organization, we’re kind of in the dark over here.

I can say that from a distance it looks like nothing and up close it sort of looks like garbage. This garbage-look isn’t helped by the fact that it has like little fringes made of colourful plastic garbage. What purpose does a sea monster made of chicken wire and garbage fulfill?

Listen, we don’t want or need a huge press-release outlining the production of this weird wire sculpture, I just want a short explanation of why I’m seeing it and what it means. That’s all that all of us at The Ubyssey desire.