How to be more open minded: A resource list

This is an introduction to resources available at UBC that feature educational content on race, politics and more.

Vancouver-based resources

All Access Pass by CiTR’s Accessibility Collective

Airing from the UBC campus, hosts discuss equity, inclusion and accessibility for disabled people on campus and beyond. Listen on 101.9 FM or online.

Hogan's Alley Society

Found on Instagram @hogans.alley, this account supports the political and cultural well-being of the local Black community. In addition to raising awareness, this account promotes local Black-owned businesses to further support the economic well-being of the Black community of Vancouver.


A safe space for survivors of sexual assault. This Instagram account features educational posts on the impacts of rape culture and provides assistance with counselling support. It also has information about how to be a good ally to survivors. Follow the account @metoo4bc.

The Feed

This bi-weekly newsletter breaks down Canadian politics into short, easy-to-read explainers, with tons of puns. Join the email list.

The Nameless Collective Podcast

This podcast featuring Naveen Girn, Milan Singh and Paneet Singh delves into the hidden history of Vancouver’s South Asian community.

UBC courses

UBC offers many courses that address social issues affecting marginalized and racialized groups. Included is a very limited list of the courses available in the First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS), African Studies (AFST), Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies (ACAM), Middle East Studies (MES) and Gender, Race and Social Justice (GRSJ) departments. For information about the courses, check out the online version of this article.

ACAM 300 Dis/Orienting Asian Canada

AFST 250A Introduction to African Studies

ENGL 371 Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies

FNIS 100 Indigenous Foundations

FNIS 210 Indigenous Politics and Self-Determination

GRSJ 224 Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice in Literature

HIST 485 Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver

MES 300 The Middle East: Critical Questions and Debates