As her bed sheets

Bare back; bare mattress –
she strips me as he stripped her.

I’m shoved into
the water of the washer.

He dropped a pill into
her water.

Vertigo strikes, I spit out
a violent splash of
her virginal blood.

He unravelled her toga.
He unhooked her bra.
Then he undid her.

The washer lets out
gargling whirs, I release
threadbare groans.

His toes d r a g g e d;
hers tapped ‘h e l p’
in morse code.

My threads catch
in the cyclones in the cyclones
of the sixth cycle.

Goldilocks had wanted her just right
not too conscious not too unconscious.
A ready-to-serve warm dinner for one.

Even through the washer’s
white noise, I hear her tear
last night’s frat tickets.