SELF: Editor's note

Finding yourself isn’t easy. In fact, it’s the hardest thing you can do.

As cliché as it sounds, university is a time of growth, change and self-discovery. Your high school teachers told you this. Your parents told you this. And we’re telling you this. But, learning who you are is difficult, especially when you pair that with class, jobs, friends, enemies and everything in between.

And like all great ideas, SELF was created at 2 a.m. over a deep conversation about who we are and who we want to become.

We wanted this year’s magazine to explore what it means to find yourself, lose yourself and be yourself. Inside this issue, we have articles about being a Queer DJ, the experiences of Indigenous athletes, student-led divestment movements and about connecting to your mom through music.

For many of us, university is the first time in our lives where we’re on our own. But in this solitude, we learn who we want to be.

Learning who you are and falling in love with yourself is the essence of living. Growing into the best version of yourself is a lifelong journey. Though it may be difficult, nothing worth having is easy.