Dr. Susan E. Parker, the current Deputy University Librarian at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus, is the new UBC University Librarian. This appointment came after a three month search.

In early April, the EUS found out that it was missing $30,000 in Engineering Design Team Council fees — the result of three consecutive years of short fees since the 2014/2015 term. The fund has since been found.

Since the AMS’s Lighter Footprint Strategy was written in 2008, sustainability has become a shifting definition, and as a result, the AMS is redefining its targets. More students are becoming interested and aware of sustainability issues.

While the exact financial statements have yet to be released, VP Finance Alim Lakhiyalov said that thanks to a solid performance last year, the AMS will be able to move forward in the fall with a tentative $356,000 surplus.

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