Two UBC students running in the upcoming provincial elections

1 day, 10 hours agoJoey Doyle and David Stall are running in the upcoming BC provincial elections under Your Political Party (YPP) — a party that is founded on the three pillars of open government, sustainability and collaboration.

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UBC students who sat in House of Commons on Women’s Day share their stories

This “takeover” was part of a larger three-day event — four days for Indigenous delegates — called the “Daughters of the Vote,” created by Equal Voice Canada, which advocates for increased female representation and involvement in Canadian politics.

“Examining Whiteness” — UBC hosts panel discussion

“The word ‘white’ was coined by the English settlers that arrived here and that’s who they call ‘the white man,’” said Larry Grant, Elder-in-Residence at the First Nations House of Learning. “But what is ‘white’?”

After financial loss, Continuing Studies to be restructured

As of July 1, 2017, the division of Extended Learning (UBC ExL) will replace the 26-year-old division of Continuing Studies. This follows a Senate vote, beginning its transition to becoming a primarily administrative unit.

Pending court decision, BDS to go to referendum April 3

The referendum was originally supposed to be held earlier — either during AMS elections or the last week of March — but was postponed after a court order was secured by Logan Presch, a UBC student, and his legal representation.

How will the 2017 federal budget affect BC students?

The 2017 federal budget, released Wednesday morning, is the second budget of the Trudeau administration, and begins to see the realization of quite a few Liberal promises. We delve into the changes that will affect students and education the most.

UBC asks residents to not drink the hot water

Notices have been posted at the 52 building complexes at UBC’s Vancouver campus using a certain type of heat exchanger, advising building users to not consume any of the hot water. This followed the discovery that five heat exchangers had failed.