2018 UBC food safety inspections leaves a lot to be desired

Did you experience a food related illness in 2018? These on-campus food destinations may be the culprits.

Vancouver Coastal Health inspections found many restaurants with poor hygiene practice, pests, and potentially contaminated foods.

None of these facilities were closed, and most were able to pass follow-up inspections— but their record leaves a lot to be desired.

Here are a few culprits.

Rain or Shine

The inspection was drizzled with bad news for popular ice cream destination, Rain or Shine. During an inspection on June 21, the parlour was found to be storing food on the floor, leaving it open to contamination. Rain and Shine also failed to keep the premises pest-free, although there was no evidence of any remaining pests in the following inspection.

Kung Fu Noodle

Kung Fu Noodle in International Village racked up infractions of their own. As of May 10 2018, the facilities did not provide adequate hot or cold water to promote accessible hand washing. The food was also improperly stored. On November 27, the owner was the only Foodsafe-certified employee in the entire restaurant.

By the final inspection of the year, all the infractions were resolved.

Black Pearl Cafe

Black Pearl Café saw repeated infractions over the course of 2018. On October 23, an inspection found food was thawed using incorrect means or equipment, stored on the floor and stored at potentially unsafe temperatures.


JamJar Canteen, another popular choice among students, struggled on their inspections. The Lebanese eatery stored food on the floor and failed to show the food was “handled in a sanitary manner and is not subject to contamination” according to the official inspection report.

The Nest

Many AMS owned and operated facilities like Pie R Squared passed their 2018 inspections with flying colours and no infractions. Other AMS businesses were not so lucky.

Grand Noodle Emporium and The Pit both had evidence of pests — the former with rodents. Grand Noodle Emporium was also found to be storing food at unsafe temperatures.

None of the listed outlets responded to multiple requests for comment.