The UBC Vancouver Senate has recently approved a new holistic approach to student admissions that will require applicants to submit the near-entirety of their Grade 11 and 12 marks. It will also require students to submit a number of courses relevant to their program of interest.

As part of its response to alumna Glynnis Kirchmeier’s human rights complaint (HRC), UBC has denied any discrimination in how it handled reports of sexual assault. The university also “reserves the right to apply to dismiss the complainant without a hearing,” but did not attach an application with the response.

Last week, UBC students received a broadcast email requesting feedback on a tuition proposal for the 2018/19 school year. Some students remain doubtful towards the effectiveness of these consultations. The proposal itself involves a series of tuition increases that are said to “reflect inflationary pressures” of the university’s operating costs.

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