Alim Lakhiyalov wins AMS VP Finance

In an unsurprising result, Alim Lakhiyalov was voted in as the next VP Finance of the AMS. Lakhiyalov ran unopposed after the other candidate, Matthew Morton, dropped out of the race before the first debate.

Lakhiyalov ran on a platform of creating a long-term sustainable financial plan for the AMS, implementing professional development programs for students and integrating and expanding usage of financial systems.

Although it was not mentioned in his platform, Lakhiyalov also said that he would release the AMS budget on a quarterly basis, with the released budget being a line item budget once per year.

“It’s a night of celebration — it’s been a long two weeks, it’s time for us to let loose,” said Lakhiyalov. “I can’t wait to work with my executive team, I can’t wait to go grab a couple beers with them, and let’s just go from there.”