All new board elected to Student Legal Fund Society

Cameron Sharpe, Carol Dou, Kathleen Simpson, Jude Crasta, Ron Gorodetsky and Tanner Bokor have been elected to the Student Legal Fund Society (SLFS).

With the exception of Cameron Sharpe from the Students for Responsible Leadership slate, all of those elected were from the Students for Accountability slate. Bahareh Jokar was the only member of her slate not to be elected this year.

Gorodetsky said that he and this fellow slate members are very excited and grateful to have won. According to Gorodetsky, his team feels ready to live up to their goal of making a more transparent, accountable and accessible SLFS, which they have been campaigning about extensively over the past week.

“We really knew what we wanted to accomplish, we put a lot of thought and effort into our campaign promises, and I know all of us are very invested in actually making changes to the SLFS for once,” said Gorodetsky.

Gorodetsky also said that since the board members for the SLFS are now official, the next step would be to conduct an internal election to determine the society’s president.

Janzen Lee, who served as president of the SLFS during the past year and was not re-elected for another term, said that he has faith that those who have been elected will do a good job at the society.

“The candidates that won are amazing candidates and now they are going to go on and make the changes proposed for the SLFS and they’re going to make beneficial changes for students, so that’s all that I really care about," said Lee.

As the society's current president, Lee's next steps involve transitioning the new board of the SLFS. He also said that he will try to be involved in the SLFS as a non-board member.

As Lee is entering his final year of study in the upcoming year, he does not plan to run again next year.