AMS changes first week events for student affordability

With classes now in session, the AMS’s first week events have begun as well, but some significant changes have been made to events occurring.

Notably, the Welcome Back BBQ is free to attend and there will be no Firstweek kits.

“We don’t have first year kits this year. We’re focusing more on a generally better welcome to campus for first year students,” said AMS President Esmé Decker.

Previously, first week kits were sold with Welcome Back BBQ tickets, but last year the tickets were sold separately and Firstweek kits lost $33,000 in projected income.

“We’re really excited about bringing … more approachable and free events where people can swing through … and have a good time altogether,” said Decker.

With the AMS’s projected $738,000 deficit this year, it has enacted plans to “save money for students and the organization.” Decker says that this year’s first week event is less “revenue based” which in turn has decreased overall expenditure for the AMS.

“We’ve been mostly focusing on donations, grants, and sponsorships to be the revenue for events and first week,” said Decker — citing Wireless Waves, Cheery Pick Vintage, Gold’s Gym and Pearl Fever Teahouse as some of their sponsors.

“A lot of organizations and such want to get involved and connect with students coming back to campus. So that’s been the strategy this year — working with external partnerships, instead of taking revenue.”

Other events will include live performances at the Nest Plaza, an all ages pool party at the UBC Aquatic Centre and a pastels and pinot event at the Gallery.

Decker explained that the AMS events committee has planned a diverse assortment of activities for students with limited time in between classes.

“With the pastel and pinot, the description for that is like if you want to have a nice drink and socialize with people in a more chill setting than say the club,” said Decker.

“[We] recogniz[e] that people are very stretched for time but also want to do small little things.”