BC provincial budget doesn't do anything for students, says AMS

The provincial government has not adequately addressed the ever-increasing costs of post-secondary education in the 2016 BC Budget, according to the AMS.

A statement released earlier today said that the budget failed to include a meaningful plan to address the affordability of post-secondary institutions, such as UBC.

“The AMS is disappointed that the budget failed to deliver a clear funding and meaningful plan,” said Jude Crasta, AMS VP external.

According to the statement, the AMS submitted recommendations to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government services during the budget consultations. Their submission included the recommendation of a needs-based grant and the reduction of student loans.

According to Crasta, they also wished to see more money for deferred maintenance costs and an increase in core funding. However, none of the recommendations were adopted.

In the future, Crasta hopes to see advocacy be continually pushed forward to address the needs of students. This will likely be pursued by meeting with relevant governmental stakeholders.

“Affordability of a post-secondary education cannot be ignored ... and that is the message we'll continue to put forward,” he said.