AMS election nominations are now open — here's how to run

The 2017 AMS elections will be held in early March, but nominations are now open for every elected position in the AMS, including the president, VP Finance, VP Academic and University Affairs, VP External, and VP Administration. Here’s a basic rundown of what all those positions do.

How to run

  • Be a member of the AMS (if you’re a UBC student, you’re a member unless you’ve resigned).
  • Get a nomination form and collect 50 signatures (from students only), then submit that to the administrative assistant.

Things to keep in mind

  • You’ll be interviewed by The Ubyssey (probably a few times) for things like this.
  • There are debates. You’ll need to know what you’re talking about, or these can get embarrassing pretty quickly.
  • You’ll have to attend the All-Candidates Meeting, which is just an information session.

Rules (straight from the AMS website)

  • All campaigning material must be approved by the Elections Committee.
  • Candidates are not to start campaigning until the start of the Official Campaign Period.
  • Candidates must not exceed the spending limit set by the Elections Committee.
  • Candidates are entitled to reimbursements up to the limit set by the Elections Committee if they receive a high enough percentage of the vote.
  • Candidates must not run in “slates,” i.e., groups, but are allowed to endorse each other.

The final nominations — in other words, the candidates that will be running in this year’s elections — will be announced February 17 (the same day that nominations close).