Anti-abortion group protests Justin Trudeau’s visit to campus

Yesterday afternoon, around six students held graphic images of abortions outside the SUB in response to Justin Trudeau's visit to campus.

Irene De Souza, a member of the UBC Lifeline club, said the display was organized against Trudeau's pro-choice stance.

“We just want to show people what he’s standing for and what this actually is -- just the brutality of abortion," said De Souza.

Some students objected to the graphic images, including one student who stood silently a few feet from one of the Lifeline members holding a full-length mirror.

Madison Candline, a third-year anthropology student, showed up to oppose the abortion protesters.

"For a university campus, in general, that’s supposed to talk about inclusion, it’s pretty awful," said Candline.

"I just don’t agree with the images. I think the images can be really painful to some people. I just think it could be done in a more sensitive way and a less direct and hateful way," she said.

De Souza acknowledged the images could be offensive, especially to certain groups of people.

"I’d rather inform people who are either contemplating [abortion] or people who have had abortions so that they know that there are people out here who are willing to help them and who are there for them," she said.

By 3:30 in the afternoon, the protesters had cleared the area.