Between the Motions: AMS Council met to appoint committees and approve fee changes

On May 25, the new executives and councillors met for the first time to appoint councillors to committees and to approve fee changes for three constituencies.

Here’s what you might have missed.

Appointments upon appointments

Council appointed members to all their committees which also included appointing students-at-large to each as well as a chair.

Some of the chairs include Arts Councillor and Board of Governors member Eshana Bhangu on Governance Committee, VP Finance Gavin Fung-Quon on Finance Committee and Student Life Committee Chair is Engineering Councillor Cameron Taylor.

There were also appointments to boards that have an AMS representative like the CiTR board and the Ombuds Advisory Committee.

These appointments will last until September when Council will reappoint people for the rest of the academic year.

Fee changes & leases

Three constituencies also passed fee changes during their elections, which now needed final approval from Council.

The Kinesiology Undergraduate Society and Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society are both increasing their student fee from $30 to $40 beginning in September.

The Nursing Undergraduate Society is suspending their special fee levy of $60 for graduate students, which went towards the new School of Nursing building.

All three fee changes passed.

Council also approved a lease for Mexican restaurant El Cartel, which will open in the old Flavour Lab location.