Candidate Profile: Alan Ehrenholz, VP Administration

Alan Ehrenholz is a third-year engineering student. Ehrenholz has been a very active member of his faculty and in student leadership in general. A self described “people person,” Ehrenholz is currently the president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society as well as chair AMS Executive Oversight Committee. Ehrenholz has been involved in other engineering initiatives — such as an instructor for Geering Up UBC Engineering and Science for Kids — but you might recognize him from belting out christmas carols during the engineers’ annual carolling.

Describe your platform and what sets it apart from your opposition in a few sentences.

My platform is very much based on how we engage students. The AMS engages clubs and students in general on two levels. One through our AMS clubs and two through AMS events … that work should be done by a vice-president in their portfolio.

What drew you to this specific position?

The dynamic and changing office. I don’t think that I would be a very good administrator — I think I’d find it a little tedious. But this changing role of engagement, that’s what I really enjoy.

What are the challenges facing this position in the upcoming year? 

Students in general don’t know what the AMS is, they don’t know what the AMS does, why the AMS does the things they do … my goal is obviously to engage with 50,000 students and be able to help them answer that question and contribute to what the answer to that question is.

What are the issues you’re trying to tackle and why do you think they haven’t been addressed already?

I think it’s a challenge just because of our size and I think the VP Admin portfolio — as dynamic as it is — has to set a strategic vision of engagement for multiple years. It can’t change every year.

Who is the most important body or person you need to collaborate with in this position, and how will you foster a relationship with them?

I think the VP Finance. If you look at the four VPs within the AMS, the VP External [and] the VP Academic are very outward facing. They deal with the university [and] they deal with the government and external groups. The VP Admin and the VP Finance are very internal and through the finance commission through SAC, through clubs … we have the opportunity to do more tangible or visible change for students and then with council. Currently, I’m the chair of the Student Life and Communications Committee. I don’t think it has a well defined enough goal … I think it has to be re-envisioned with council’s help.

What’s the weakest part of your campaign or platform?

I’m going to go with the art gallery and engaging with that specific part of the portfolio. I’m an engineering student. I think in very different ways than arts and science students do and this was something that was brought up at EUS council … “How are you going to engage with these students?”

Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.