Candidate profile: Alim Lakhiyalov, VP Finance

Although Alim Lakhiyalov is running unopposed for the position of AMS VP Finance, he still has an extensive platform prepared and a host of relevant experience. A fourth-year cognitive systems and computer science major, Lakhiyalov is campaigning on a platform that includes creating a long-term sustainable financial plan, implementing professional development programs for students, and integrating financial systems and expanding their usage to all clubs and constituencies.

“Financial systems help the smaller clubs actually generate more revenue,” said Lakhiyalov. “This year, I was fortunate enough to firsthand see the benefits of financial systems … I want to expand that.”

Lakhiyalov said that a lot of his motivation to run for the position came from his experience working as the associate VP Finance for the past year, a position in which he worked closely with current VP Finance Louis Retief.

“I was able to build that relationship with [the clubs and constituencies] and understand how much these organizations matter for our student community here that we have,” said Lakhiyalov. “One of the main motivators as well was for the past 10 months, the VP Finance and I have been working really, really closely ... and I was really involved in the launches of all these new initiatives.

“[These projects have] such massive opportunities for growth in the future.”

Lakhiyalov has also worked as vice-chair of the fund committee.

Lakhiyalov said that his biggest challenge, if elected, will be implementing the new investment policy change which is being put up for referendum. He claims that if done correctly, the new policy could generate a lot more revenue for the AMS. He also pledged to continue Retief’s work in moving towards financial transparency by releasing the AMS budget on a quarterly basis.

“I really like this idea and I’d like to be the person to put this forward because with transparency, students are actually able to see what their money is going into. With the quarterly updates, it won’t be a single time here and there [but instead] would be more frequent updates [so that] students can understand what’s happening financially with the AMS,” said Lakhiyalov.

During the Great Debate, Lakhiyalov noted that this likely wouldn’t be a full line-item budget, but a slightly more summarized one.