Candidate profile: Faraz Nikzad, VP Administration

A fourth-year commerce student, Faraz Nikzad aims to improve both the student and business sides of the AMS. This platform builds upon his experiences working with and for the AMS as the UBC Persian Club’s current president and as the former manager-on-duty for its food outlets.

To enhance the student experience, he first wants to “consult clubs and constituencies on [their concerns].” At the same time, Nikzad plans to foster stronger partnerships between clubs by “introducing artistic and collaborative projects” through the AMS.

“I’m thinking maybe a culture concert,” he said. “I’ve been involved with organizing multiple concerts and I believe that the AMS has that kind of platform to bring serious cultural materials [here].”

He also wants to create partnerships that would make the Nest more inclusive such as working with The Pride Collective. Nikzad believes that through these collaborations, “more people of different backgrounds [would be able to connect] and make [the Nest] the place that everyone feels welcomed at.”

However, he also considers this his platform’s hardest goal because “not everyone is on the same energy level.”

To enhance the business side, Nikzad aims to improve the food outlets’ customer service and costs in order to make the Nest more attractive.

“I would be working with the managers to come up with new plans,” he said. “[One is to] review the operations and products of our businesses and make sure that they are providing the best [services] to our students. [Another one is] to create a sustainable operations plan for the long-term that would result in a consistent and attractive experience at every outlet.”

Crediting the skills and connections that he has gained from working for the outlets, as well as the knowledge about logistics and operations that he has learned at Sauder, Nikzad feels comfortable that he would be able to accomplish these plans.

However, it should be noted that the VP Administrator is not the sole decision-maker for these areas of business.

Overall, he believes that this goal is what sets him apart from his competitors, as none of them discuss the AMS’s businesses in their platforms.

“The challenge of being VP Administration is working with people,” said Nikzad. “For me, it’s easier because I know all the managers well. I am probably the only candidate who has worked for the AMS for many years now.”