Candidate profile: Sugar Brewer, President

Sugar Brewer is looking to “sweeten up life on campus” — not by turning UBC into a party school, but by placing a greater emphasis on the social culture on campus. He’s in his third year and decided that if he can’t beat them, then he should run for AMS president.

Describe your platform and what sets it apart from your opposition in a few sentences.

My primary goal is all about social culture on campus. What sets me apart from the other candidates is that their experience at the AMS means that they are [looking] longer, where mine is very much focused on what I can do in a year for the students. Ultimately, the year I’ve been a student I haven’t really noticed what the president does ... I just wanted to do something for the students right away. What do the present students want? Give it to them right away.

What are the challenges facing this position in the upcoming year?

There’s a lot of pressure from the school with tuition increases and stuff. There’s a lot of pressure from the school to mediate that with what the students want. Trying to find middle ground [between] what the school wants, but also what the students want.

What is one thing by your predecessor that you agreed with and one thing that you disagreed with?

Aaron Bailey got people out to games, which was incredible and something our school is lacking. He did through beer and that worked out really well. Getting kegs to people, tailgates — it was huge. It was amazing.

Who is the most important body or person you need to collaborate with in this position, and how will you foster a relationship with them?

The way I see the position is as collaborating with 50,000 students, not one. There is 50,000 people in a school where we come together and all share, but it’s hard to get everyone together behind something.

What is the weakest part of your campaign or platform?

Definitely my inexperience with the AMS, the system and how it works. I don’t have the inside knowledge that the other candidates have.

Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.