Candidate profile: The Cairn, President

The Cairn, a six-foot tall block of reinforced concrete, is in its fourth year majoring in publicity as a major campus advertising tool. Its platform focuses on AMS Council and concrete.

Having been on campus for a few decades, the Cairn has seen many AMS executive teams come together, and feels confident that as president, it can lead a diverse team.

“It has seen the one’s who have done well, it has seen the one’s who have not done so well,” said the Cairn’s human puppet in its stead. “It can bring together different interests, really push forward the AMS in a positive direction and continue to work on some of the past executives projects.”

The Cairn’s unique experience is what motivated it to run.

“It feels that just as the cement within its concrete structure binds together the different parts of the concrete, it can bind together an executive team as well as add staff and an entire AMS council to start to create positive change for the AMS,” said its representative.

If elected, the Cairn promises to effectively govern AMS Council. Specifically, it would ensure last-minute changes aren’t made to the AMS Council agenda and prevent long meetings.

“The Cairn feels that changes to council agenda and amendments to the agenda, once it’s been sent out to councilors, should never happen,” said its human puppet. “The Cairn feels that this is inappropriate and breaking of the decorum of Council, and it is disrespectful to councilors.”

It would also provide increased support to councilors at the beginning of their terms.

The Cairn’s loftiest goal is the implementation of porous concrete on campus as opposed to standard non-porous concrete.

“A significant amount of students on campus are environmentally engaged,” it said through its human puppet. “Porous concrete offers significant advantages in this, including groundwater recharge and the filtration of certain toxins.”

The Cairn is less of a joke candidate than you might think. In the Great Debate, the Cairn’s human puppet, a fourth-year engineering student named Alan Ehrenholz, revealed that if elected, he would take office.

“So yes, the Cairn is a serious candidate,” said Ehrenholz during the debate.

Ehrenholz has experience in student government, as he has been the past president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society. He also chaired the AMS Council’s Oversight Committee.