Candidates for 2017 AMS elections announced

At the AMS All-Candidates Meeting this evening, the students running for each category in this year’s elections were announced. Here they are:

President: James Cohen, Sugar Brewer, the Cairn (Alan Ehrenholz), Jesse Hooton, Julian Del Balso

VP Administration: Pooja Bhatti, Julien Hart, Faraz Nikzad

VP Academic & University Affairs: Daniel Lam

VP External Affairs: Dario Garousian, Sally Lin

VP Finance: Alim Lakhiyalov

UBC Board of Governors student members: Louis Retief, Jakob Gattinger, Kevin Doering, Sneha Balani, Jeanie Malone

Senate: Daniel Lam, Simran Brar, William Chen, Kevin Doering, Jakob Gattinger, Ian Sapollnik

Update Thursday, February 23: William Chen has dropped out of the Board of Governors race. He will remain in the race for Senate.

Update Friday, February 24: Tyler Yan has dropped out of the VP Administration race.

Update Tuesday, February 28: Maja Dziok has dropped out of the Senate race.

Update Wednesday, March 1: Matthew Morton has dropped out of the VP Finance Race.