Debate recap: VP Administration

This year’s VP Administration debate was between the two candidates for the position — Alan Ehrenholz and Chris Scott.

The two boast very different backgrounds — Ehrenholz is the current president of the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS), as well as chair of the EUS Executive Oversight Committee and Student Life and Communications Committee. Scott has founded his own club, served as treasurer of his frat and held the position of vice-chair of the AMS Student Administrative Committee (SAC).

During opening remarks, Ehrenholz stated his commitment to lead the shift to the VP Student Life Office through experience. Scott plans to conduct a needs-based review of the Nest and to support more student groups. When asked about projects they would pursue, Scott named event planning, as well as engaging clubs and the wider community through programming. Ehrenholz said he would improve the club structure as well as move the sustainability portfolio closer to the administration office.

The Student Life & Sustainability Centre also came up, to which Ehrenholz said the space needs better support to be utilized and that he would come up with a plan to do so over the summer, after consultation with clubs. Scott emphasized his previous experience working with clubs as vice-chair of SAC and said that, based on this, clubs need within the space a help desk, mail services and vendors.

Scott also displayed his knowledge when asked about possible changes to SAC policy, noting areas for improvement in club structure and changing policies to fit the needs of the new SUB. Ehrenholz did not add any new areas, but said he has worked with three policy groups so could move these ideas forward with efficiency.