Candidates for 2019 AMS, Board of Governors and Senate elections announced

Update Friday, February 22: Kevin Zhang has withdrawn from the Senate race.

Update Thursday, February 21: Mohamed Mohamoud has withdrawn from both the Senate and Board of Governors races.

Update Wednesday, February 20: Iqbal Sultani has withdrawn from the AMS presidential race.

Update Tuesday, February 19: Matthias Leuprecht has withdrawn from the Senate race.

There are 29 students running 36 campaigns in this year’s elections, competing for five AMS executive positions, two Board of Governors roles and five Senate slots.

Here are the candidates:

President: Spencer Latu, Chris Hakim, Stuart Clarke, Jas Kullar, Iqbal Sultani and Kuol Akuechbeny

VP Administration: Cole Evans, Alex Okrainetz and Andrea M. Hurtado Fuentes

VP Academic and University Affairs: Julia Burnham, Nick Pang and Vandita Kumar

VP External Affairs: Cristina Ilnitchi, Will Shelling and Riley Ty

VP Finance: Viki Loncar, Lucia Liang and Jon Tomalty

UBC Board of Governors student members: Mohamed Mohamoud, Awais Quadre, Max Holmes, Jeanie Malone and Dylan Braam

Senate: Matthias Leuprecht, Nick Pang, Riley Ty, Julia Burnham, Chris Hakim, Awais Quadre, Iman Moradi, Mathew Ho, Max Holmes, Julia Chai, Stuart Clarke, Kevin Zhang and Mohamed Mohamoud

Campaigning will begin after reading break on February 25 and end on March 15. Two forum-style debates will occur on February 26 and 28 with the final Great Debate taking place on March 1 — and all three of them will be hosted by The Ubyssey. Voting will take place from March 11 to March 15.

Want to learn more about these candidates? Stay tuned to @UbysseyNews on Twitter and follow our election coverage starting February 25.