Great Debate recap: VP Administration

This year's Great Debate saw many activities and games in an attempt to test the candidates knowledge. Moderator Gordon Katic had candidates name different resource groups, frats and sororities until VP Admin hopefuls Alan Ehrenholz and Chris Scott ran out. Scott won, garnering himself a plaque with the AMS motto.

During opening marks and a question about what club the respective candidates would start if they could, Scott emphasized his previous position as SAC vice-chair, stating that he understands the portfolio and would also start a drag club. Ehrenholz, on the other hand, said he learned how to engage students in his work with the Engineering Undergraduate Society and that he would start the Bryan Adams tribute club.

Katic then opened up the debate to questions from the floor. One audience member inquired about OrgSync and how it would utilized. Scott promised to train users how to operate it and use it for automatic bookings. Ehrenholz spoke of allocating better scheduling.

In a question from a member of The Calendar about supporting those clubs that don’t fit into the traditional club structure, Scott focused on representation — he hopes to give all constituencies a seat on SAC as well as expanding that structure. Ehrenholz mainly emphasized fostering community between the AMS and groups like The Calendar.

Regarding a question from the head of the art gallery about the space, Scott spoke about shifting the Art Gallery Committee to the Arts and Culture Committee while Ehrenholz addressed the need for the AMS to provide more programming within the gallery.