Hillel BC says independent contractor distributed “offensive” stickers on campus

An independent contractor previously associated with Hillel BC distributed “offensive” stickers on campus, according to a social media post on Instagram by the organization.

The organization wrote that it has since terminated its relationship with the contractor.

Hillel’s post did not specify who this independent contractor was, nor what the content of the stickers were. Hillel declined to comment further.

But, in a statement to The Ubyssey, UBC wrote the university was made aware an independent contractor “that has worked with Hillel BC” distributed the stickers and that “the stickers have exposed UBC Social Justice Centre members to vitriol and malice, which is unacceptable.”

Stickers distributed on campus last week read “I (heart) Hamas” alongside the UBC Social Justice Centre’s (SJC) name and logo. Posts of the sticker circulated on X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend, generating thousands of impressions.

The SJC denied their involvement with the stickers and wrote over the weekend that the organization is “concerned the campaign will fuel an already incendiary environment and jeopardize student safety.”

In a statement published on X Wednesday, the SJC wrote that the stickers' spread on social media has caused "repetitional harm and extreme emotional stress" for SJC members.

"Muslim, migrant, and POC students have been subjected to threats of deportation and violence as a result of these stickers," the Centre wrote. "The stickers serve as yet another attempt to shut down and smear advocates for Palestine."

The Centre received public support on X over the weekend from notable scholars and activists including Harsha Walia and Naomi Klein.

Hillel BC also wrote that “the actions of this individual do not in any way reflect the values of Hillel.⁠”

UBC wrote “the university has taken quick action to have the stickers removed. We will continue to monitor the situation here on campus with additional security patrols.”

The SJC called on the university to investigate the connection between Hillel and the contractor.

The SJC also called on the AMS to investigate the stickers. The Ubyssey reached out to the AMS for comment, but did not receive a response before publication time.

This article was updated at 2:15 p.m. on November 22 to include the SJC's statement.