Jenna Omassi elected as new VP Academic

Jenna Omassi will become the new VP academic and university affairs this year.

On Friday evening, Jenna Omassi was declared victor of the main position she was running for, VP academic. She was also one of five students elected to UBC Senate.

“I am ecstatic. I am really excited for the year to come,” said Omassi.

The race for VP Academic was logically not too worrying for her, as she was the only one running for the position. According to Omassi, securing a Senate seat was a tougher feat.

“For Senate, I was quite worried, because there were a number of phenomenal candidates,” said Omassi.

Omassi also said that it was hard to point out the key to her success, even if she hoped it had to do with her pragmatism and understanding of Senate. She thanked her supporters, the AUS, her sorority and the AMS in helping her secure the two positions.

When she is done celebrating with the other candidates, Omassi will put a priority on ensuring that the transition at the head of the Arts Undergraduate Society and into her new position at the AMS. As the new VP academic, she will also have to hire a competent team and review all the projects that are currently under way by current VP Academic Anne Kessler.

Now that she's been elected, Omassi is enthusiastic about the prospect of working with the new AMS team.

“I think that our team is going to be really effective and really great in the year to come," said Omassi.