AMS Nest opening pushed to May 20

The AMS will be pushing its scheduled reopening of the Nest by 24 hours, from Tuesday, May 19 to Wednesday, May 20.

At AMS Council on May 13, AMS President Cole Evans presented the three-stage plan that the AMS will be following in order to reopen the Nest. The first stage, intended to start on Tuesday, consists of reopening of the Nest to the public, some take-out dining, optional office work for staff, a few services resuming and very limited building amenities.

AMS President Cole Evans said that the delay is due to “couple of health and safety things” still needing to be finalized.

“Obviously we are doing whatever we can to make sure this reopening is as safe as possible for students, and we want to be sure that everything is in order, ready to go. We just need an extra 24 hours ... to get that done,” Evans said.

Evans doesn’t anticipate any further delays and said that from his conversations with the university, and thinks they’re “all on the same page” about the Wednesday reopening.

“This isn’t a process that can be rushed so we’ll always err on the side of caution and safety to make sure we’re keeping everyone on campus safe,” Evans said.