New SUB gets provisional occupancy, expected to open in June

The new SUB received provisional occupancy today, one of the final steps to opening the building.

As of today, the AMS can start to move its offices, businesses and clubs into the building. VP Admin Ava Nasiri said the moving will begin next week and hopes to open the building to the public June 1.

"Internally, it’s really big and it’s really exciting. It’s a huge deal. But overall, it’s just the beginning of the process of really taking ownership of using the building,” said Nasiri.

The majority of the new SUB is ready for use, though the the Pit Pub, Perch restaurant, Council Chambers, clubs resource centre and child minding centre are still works in progress. Nasiri said those spaces need lots of millwork done and the company responsible for it is backlogged. According to Nasiri, the Pit is the first priority and she expects it will open late June or early July.

"We really thought about how to go about opening and what steps to follow, and at least in our opinion it was in the best interests of everyone to open the doors as soon as we could and allow the spaces that were holding us up to come online one by one," she said.

Nasiri said she expects the final parts of the $107 million, 250,000 square-foot building will be finished by September.