Students for Students slate sweep Student Legal Fund Society elections

Ilaria Cobb, Chris Hakim, Nicholas Harterre, Sara Sebba, Molly Willson and Ryan Wong of the Students for Students slate have won all six seats of the Student Legal Fund Society (SLFS) board of directors.

Fourth-year political science and philosophy student and outgoing AMS president Hakim is the only incumbent of the SLFS, having served on the board as last year's AMS representative. He also won a senator-at-large seat.

Students for Students ran on a platform of accessibility, transparency and on building strategic partnerships with Vancouver law firms.

“I'm super excited and I'm looking forward to making the SLFS more accessible, transparent and accountable,” said Sebba, a third-year political science student who has worked for the SLFS as an administrative assistant.

Second-year international economics student Harterre said, “The first thing we're going to do is we're going to start our search for an auditor for an external audit and revamp that application process."