Sole VP Academic candidate Jenna Omassi absent from first debate

VP Academic and University Affairs candidate Jenna Omassi did not appear for her scheduled talk at the Tuesday AMS debate.

Omassi, who is the president of the Arts Undergraduate Society and also in the running for UBC Senate, did not show up at the debate that took place in the Gage Ballroom on March 3.

Omassi explained that her decision was based on an academic priority that she had that evening.

“I actually have a seminar that happens once a week from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. Firstly I am going to be missing it next week for the Great Debate, so I cannot really miss it twice in a row,” she said, adding that she had an important assignment in class.

Being the sole runner-up for VP Academic, Omassi will have a chance to develop her platform unchallenged during the Great Debate on Tuesday, March 10.

According to Omassi, the decision not to attend was not motivated by the lack of opposition.

“I have been in student government for now a couple of years and know that the tradition [to have a debate] is really important,” she said.