Student senator to resign in December

At the October 27 AMS Council meeting, it was announced that a student senator will be resigning in December.

While their identity has yet to be specified, they are one of the five members-at-large who were elected in the 2017 AMS general election — Kevin Doering, Jakob Gattinger, Daniel Lam, Ian Sapollnik or Simran Brar.

A new member will take over in January 2018. Instead of a by-election, they will be appointed via a written recommendation from AMS Council to Senate.

“Council shall require the student members of the UBC Vancouver Senate to interview and present one or more appropriate nominations to Council for written recommendation to the Senate,” reads AMS code.

Currently, no recommendation has been issued.

If the resignation comes from Sapollnik, the role of caucus chair would also open up. This vacancy would most likely be filled by a member of the current student Senate caucus, which is made up of 13 representatives from different constituencies and the five members-at-large.

More discussion about the pending resignation is expected to be on the table for upcoming AMS Council meetings in November.

This article has been updated to remove private information.