Tanner Bokor hopes to pass progress on AMS 2030 vision on to new president

The AMS is coming up with a long-term strategic plan to improve student life at UBC.

AMS 2030 is the 15-year long plan designed by Council that aims to improve student life at UBC by restructuring how AMS operates. The strategic plan was initiated by last year's president Caroline Wong, who created a vision task force that correlates to the values of the AMS. During Bokor’s presidency, AMS council then redrafted the vision task force into AMS 2030 in April 2014.

The main goals of AMS 2030 are to provide stability and continuity for their annual action plan, create a longterm vision for the society and establish a guide for the society's operation.

According to AMS President Tanner Bokor, the strategic plan took an entire year to develop with the AMS 2030 committee. The plan going forward right now is to build the four sub-strategies that make up the master 15-year plan. So far, the strategies have been drafted and prepared and AMS council is going to see the presentation on what AMS 2030 is by the end of the term.

"It’s really collaborative process," said Bokor. "It’s also a way to make sure that AMS is accountable for its members, keeping all of their interest in mind as we go forward"

Bokor also said that as previous plans by the AMS have been very broad and lacked a clear direction, Council hopes to delve deeper into specific issues. AMS has created four main strategies -- Access, Engage, Invest, Divest. Each strategy consists of issues that need to be addressed, laid out in five goals and three subgoals, so that it allows the strategies to have sharper focus, more detail towards implementation and clear direction for AMS to take.

"We made lots of attempts to build strategic framework and strategic parentheses but it’s something that had been lacking direction," said Bokor. "So I think by having [the plan], this is going to provide stability and guidance to incoming AMS execs and students. I’m sure that AMS is moving forward on clear trajectory year after year.”

Bokor had been drafting the plan with executives, staff and students who provided consultation after it was drafted.

Since he is about to leave his position as AMS president, Bokor hopes to sit down with his successor and go over all the files and plans for AMS 2030 up to now.

"I’ll say to them, this is your plan now, and it will up to the next council and the executives on how do you want to see it through,” said Bokor.