UNA candidate profile: Zheng (Jane) Kang

Zheng (Jane) Kang, a ten-year Wesbrook Place resident, is running for reelection to the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) Board of Directors on a platform of improving communication channels, formalizing animal by-laws and improving traffic and safety.

She said her years living in the UNA have given her the experience required to better serve the community.

“I know this community, I know its history … I know how to communicate with other organizations … and departments,” Kang says.

Being the chair of the UNA Community Engagement Advisory Committee, Kang said she has noticed a high number of break-ins in residential areas. If elected, Kang wants to “work together [with different departments] to make sure the campus and all these areas are safer.”

Similarly, Kang said it is important to “work with other entities to make improvements” on traffic safety. As well, she hopes to work on making “green spaces for small families [and] for people to get together” better for the community.

After an incident in which a child was bitten by a dog in the UNA area, Kang has been worried about the lack of dog bylaws in the UNA area. “So I think it is time to deal with this.”

In order to fix this problem, Kang suggested bringing in a professional to advise on the best course of action to increase resident’s safety.

Kang believes that like other residents, students want a safe place to live and thus, she would focus on ensuring that if elected. Providing good services — like facilities, clean water and clean streets — is important to her. As well, she believes in fostering a good community where students and residents can network to advance their careers.

Since moving, Jane has noticed a vast diversity in the UNA area — from people with various cultural backgrounds, [and] different professions. “This university area is quite unique, so I love this area,” she said.

“I … hope to continue to represent you, and together, we can continue to make the UNA a better place to live and work,” she said.

This is part of The Ubyssey’s coverage of the UNA election. We’ll be covering the candidates, the all-candidates forum and all things UNA until polls close on November 30.