5 mottos I thought were way cooler than "A Place of Mind"

While “A Place of Mind” is fun, snappy and cool, it was not our first choice when it was time to pick a motto. Here are a few that I advocated for before they were all unfairly voted down by the Board of Governors.

“UBC: A Place of Resigned”
This idea was floated after Gupta left to let everyone know it was safe to come back.

“UBC: North Wesbrook Village”
After getting our first ever Subway, we realized we’re quickly becoming a luxury destination for people who don’t know how to make their own sandwiches. We want potential UBC donors to know that the campus is a place of serene luxury, if places of serene luxury occasionally had small herds of drunk first-year students migrating from the Greek Village on the weekends.

“UBC: The #1 University for Earth and Ocean Sciences”
Highlighting UBC’s second-cutest department of study is a longtime priority for my administration since its arbitrary promotion to number one. We passed on this because some former Board members felt that UBC might not remain the #1 school forever. Which it will. Always. Forever.

“UBC: A Place to Grind:”
During the ’90s I thought we could attract more cooler kids to the university — not the regular dweebs we always get — and realized skateboarding was the best image for unadulterated “cool.”

“UBC: Hey! I’m walkin’ here!”
What better way to show other universities that we are not to be trifled with than quoting Dustin Hoffman’s famous improvised line from 1969’s Best Picture-winner The Midnight Cowboy?