Editorial: Who knew snowflakes could survive on the Sun?

4 days agoIn a post on his Vancouver Sun staff blog earlier today, Todd penned a perfect addition to our spoof issue from the perspective of an old, ornery white man in a comfortable position of privilege who is upset at Breitbarf for making fun of white men.

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"Besides the communication difference, the professors and lecturers here have been really similar to UBC — a good classroom balance of lecture and discussion, ready and willing to answer questions and passionate teachers."

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When I first arrived at Cardiff University, there were, for obvious reasons, some orientation events for exchange or Erasmus program students. One of these was a discussion on what we were to expect when attending lectures and seminars.

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"In an AMA on Reddit, the members of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) attempted to answer questions from UBC students on what the BDS referendum will look like, as well as their views on the Israel-Palestine situation."