"Some people argue that fraternity parties aren’t the problem at all — that it is not the fault of the fraternity for a few 'bad apples' that commit sexual assault. We cannot hold fraternities as a whole responsible and it’s not fair to punish them as an entirety."

During my freshman year, I did what the average freshman boy does and went to football games and joined a fraternity. However, unlike most freshman experiences, mine was slightly marred with confederate protests.

But I like to have good grades, and I always weigh the pros and cons carefully inside my head. Do I not show up to office hours and risk having a mediocre grade? Or do I suck it up, show up and potentially increase my chances of scoring an A?

When I told my mother I managed to get a spot at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona for a term abroad, that the first thing she said back to me — congratulations aside — was “My son, do not get yourself mixed up in local politics.”

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