“I won’t be answering questions about almond milk or drunken misadventures, but I still have advice for you. Not for the big things — the fights, the lovers, the grades — but for what falls between those.”

“These types of incidents are a reminder to all of us at UBC that we must actively work and speak out to eliminate hate. It is never okay to stand idly and watch another person be verbally or physically assaulted and not do something.”

“There are tens of thousands of students attending the University, and hundreds of professors. Many of them would surely benefit from an alternate way to get to and from campus in the case of commuters.”

“UBC may have one of the biggest university parking operations in the country, but its carpool program is quite lacking in comparison to other universities, especially in terms of incentives.”

Before arriving to the University of Glasgow for my semester abroad I talked to many former exchange students — I was curious if they befriended locals, traveled or made life long friends while living in a foreign city.

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