“The Student Fee Restructure Proposal is a lazy solution to a problem which hasn’t been shown to exist.”

“I would like to personally apologize for the phrasing of questions at an all-presidents meeting on Tuesday, in which myself and our executives held a Q&A with candidates for this year’s AMS elections.”

While we highly encourage every UBC student to voraciously consume our coverage of debates, candidate profiles and fact-checking, we know that it’s hard to find the time. So here you have it: a brutally honest run-down on what each person could offer you as a student and who you might choose to vote for, based on your personal priorities.

Every year, the AMS elections take place and every year the voter turnout is shockingly low — especially in recent years.

“After meeting with the Inter-Fraternity Council for their AMS elections endorsement meeting, I have decided to reject their endorsement of my campaign for re-election as AMS VP Academic and University Affairs and student Senator-at-large.”

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