“I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that I went from bussing my groceries home in Vancouver, to balancing a basket full of groceries on my bike in Copenhagen to getting my groceries delivered to campus in Shenzhen all within the span of a year.”

“Applying this to the topic of self-care, we then see a rising trend of social media telling us that to properly take care of ourselves, we need to commit to pampering ourselves with finer things like fancy beverages and pretty candles.”

“What goes on in the Senate chambers can often feel very overwhelming or dull to the average student, and the agenda docket posted before every Senate meeting can be long and tedious to read. Here’s what to expect at the January 17 Senate meeting.”

“Adventures found me when I was only a few days into my new life — the neighbourhood I was to reside in, was (according to a friendly Italian taxi driver) known as a drug selling spot full of immigrants.”

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