”This month, however, the Senate meeting was cancelled ‘due to a lack of sufficient business,’ and we want to address why that is.”

“Something that never sat quite right with me in my years working with SUS was the air of “cliqueyness,” regardless of whether there was an intention to compose that atmosphere.”

“Uninstall any social media apps if you feel like they’re not good for your mental and emotional wellbeing.”

“The Student Fee Restructure Proposal is a lazy solution to a problem which hasn’t been shown to exist.”

“I would like to personally apologize for the phrasing of questions at an all-presidents meeting on Tuesday, in which myself and our executives held a Q&A with candidates for this year’s AMS elections.”

While we highly encourage every UBC student to voraciously consume our coverage of debates, candidate profiles and fact-checking, we know that it’s hard to find the time. So here you have it: a brutally honest run-down on what each person could offer you as a student and who you might choose to vote for, based on your personal priorities.

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