“Every time I walk into the washroom on the second floor, I'm faced with a horrifying sight. There's an Alesse birth control advertisement and it shouts a horrible message: if you don't get the brand name version of the Pill, you've gotten the wrong Pill.”

“We recognise that sexuality and sexual health is part of people’s life experience and it’s part of their well being, and self-care is a part of that,” said Unruh. “Whether you’re having sex or not.”

“After an hour and a half of arriving, when it was too late to bother cabbing downtown or organize other plans, all of the line-goers were informed that the bar was full and entry would only be working on an one-in and one-out basis.”

“Where I really noticed a difference from UBC was the attitudes of Dutch students. For one, there was an overwhelming sense that they actually wanted to be there. It seems to me this must be equal part personal motivation and campus environment.”

“Cardio machines go days or even weeks without being fixed, the towels used to wipe down equipment are few and far-between and the floor space for stretching could be advertised as an attractive nano unit after a quick a paint job.”

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