AMS Decoded: What to look for in the October 11 Council meeting

Every few weeks, your elected student government meets on a Wednesday night to talk about issues concerning the AMS. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students.

Here’s what to watch out for in the upcoming AMS Council meeting on October 11:

Annual General Meeting

Council previously approved a range of dates for the AMS Annual General Meeting to be held. At this meeting, the date will be confirmed for October 20, with the proceedings beginning at 11 a.m. All AMS members are encouraged to attend the meeting, where the report of the President will be heard and the previous year’s financial statements considered for approval.

"Rent with Rights" campaign

The AMS Vice President External and her staff are bringing to Council an overview of their upcoming “Rent with Rights” campaign, which primarily seeks to improve the protections students living in residence are afforded. Areas of concern that the campaign seeks to rectify surround the appeal process for tenants against the University, as well as the timelines upon which residents can be removed from their current university-run accommodation. The AMS will be partnering with several other BC student groups in this effort.

Human resources changes

Following the recently-concluded Vice President Academic and University Affairs (VPAUA) byelection, the Human Resources Committee is considering a series of changes to staff working under the VPAUA, as well as the AMS elections administrator. There are revised job descriptions being proposed for the associate VPAUA, as well as the campaigns and outreach commissioner — the term of the elections administrator is up for extension.

Jakob Gattinger is a fourth year applied science student, the former VP Academic and University Affairs pro tem for the AMS and a current member of Council for engineering, as well as a student senator.