Advice: Ask Natalie on getting a summer job

“Dear Natalie,

I don’t have a job yet and I’m worried I’m not going to be able to get one for the summer. Help?”

Relax your pants, my friend, you will find a job. You know how I know? Because people get summer jobs all the way in July and it’s not even half way through May. Calm down. I know the pressure seems like a lot, but you can do it.

Advice: Get someone to look over your resume. There could have been a spelling error you just didn’t notice before. Is your font ugly? Do you list your grade six science fair award? There are tons of things that could be wrong with your resume that you didn’t see.

Print off 50 copies of your updated resume. Now go outside and hand them out. Ask every store if they are hiring. Sure, this isn’t a guarantee that you will be hired on the spot, but it’s happened before. Ask for the manager. Shake their hand. Hand them a resume. Look happy to be there.

Once you’ve handed out all of your resumes, go onto Craigslist, Kijiji and the UBC student jobs site and look up jobs in your area. Apply to as many as you can. In your email, state that you are looking for a summer job and that you are excited to get to know their company. Also name the company so they know you just didn’t copy and paste that email for every job you’ve applied for. Copy and paste that email for every job you apply for.

Repeat. Every day until you get a call back. Then wear nice, formal clothes and rock the socks off that interview. You can do it! Take any job you can get, and if you hate it, apply to more until you get another job you hate less.

I wish you all the money in the world. Cheers.