Ask Pawan: Get off campus to stop going stir crazy

“Dear Pawan,

It’s the end of the year and I desperately want to get off campus and do something. What do you recommend?”

Finals season is here and accompanying it is the semi stir-crazy feeling UBC can have when you get tired of the grey skies and start greeting the squirrels by name.

Here’s a compilation of some of best breaks from campus I’ve ever had:

First up is the Rio Theatre on Broadway — but you’ll likely only have this month to go as it looks like it’s going to be closing pretty soon. There are a lot of cinemas in the city, but the Rio takes the cake by being so unique in the movies it shows, rather than simply keeping up with the times. Early next week, you can go see I, Tonya or Ladybird, two of the biggest movies of 2017, but if you’re more in the mood for a cult classic, the Rio’s got you covered with The Big Lebowski which is playing this Friday. Finally, when you go to the Rio, you’re supporting the #SavetheRio campaign, which is in its final month to raise the money needed to buy the land and preserve this landmark of the city.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous (a.k.a willing to take a semi-long bus ride from campus) as well as want to satisfy that itch to shop, but not kill your budget, thrifting is the way to go. I’d never thrifted before I came to UBC so I was totally unprepared to walk through the front door of “Rag Machine,” located in a beautifully graffiti’d alley, and see rows and rows of wooden boxes, ripe for the picking. From graphic t-shirts to overalls to enough leather jackets to make a biker-club weep for joy, thrifting provides the unique experience of making you feel hip and trendy, while also getting the best bang for your buck.

Finally, if you’re desperate for some new experiences without getting too far from campus, I’ve got the series for you. “99 Things to Do at UBC” is a yearly bucket list written by The Ubyssey, giving — mostly — practical suggestions for experiences to have while at UBC, usually on the cheap! The list is a practical, common sense guide to some of the many experiences to be had, as a UBC student (read: most of them have something to do with getting blackout drunk and that’s okay).

With only three weeks left in the semester, now is about the time where you start feeling that caged-animal adrenaline rush that UBC is famous for. Take a few breaths and try to give yourself the R&R you need to knock your finals out of the park.

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