Last Words: Death to Perch

Forget Bring Back The Gallery, students should be calling to “Take Down the Perch.” While we wholeheartedly support The Gallery and would be happy to see it back, it’s insulting that Perch exists in the first place. It features food far beyond the price range of your average student with offerings such as Twice-Cooked Duck Leg for $18 and Grilled Flank Steak for $24.

The space itself is premium as it is located at the top of the building and purportedly cost millions to build — nevermind the high operating costs they will undoubtedly incur to keep the pork cheeks and potato confit fresh. This seems like a business set up to fail. But if by some miracle the AMS is able to not lose a fortune on the restaurant, the question remains: How does this serve students? There are already plenty of expensive places to eat both on campus and in Vancouver proper. 

Rather than imitating the fine-dining type of restaurants that serve only people who can afford to blow $16 on artisanal cheese, the AMS should be giving students something they can only get from a cheap student pub – a community of friends built around cheap food and drinks.

"Last Words" is The Ubyssey's weekly, informal editorial column centred on current events at UBC.