Their Campus: Eating my way through Cape Town

If you're like me, you'll agree that the act of eating is simply one of the greatest pleasures one can experience on this Earth. During my time on exchange in Cape Town, South Africa, I was incredibly fortunate to meet a group of people who felt the same. We simply loved to eat — and eat we did.

Cape Town boasts one of the most impressive, diverse and comprehensive collections of restaurants and other food-related experiences on the planet. In my five months in the Mother City, I barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer. From authentic African cuisine, the touristy version African cuisine and every other possible type of cuisine imaginable, Cape Town has it all. But what makes the dining experience in Cape Town so exceptional is two-fold — the accessibility and the culture.

Unlike here at UBC, in Cape Town I could order any type of food at any time and it would be at my doorstep in under an hour. With at least two impressive delivery services that cover the whole city, you can never go hungry. Furthermore, the prices are unbeatable. For the price of a spoonful of rice served at any UBC-run institution, I would receive a meal that could sustain a family of four for the evening.

The other aspect that makes the city of Cape Town so wonderful for food lovers like myself is its unapologetic embrace of its culinary experience through several events. First, and the most delicious, is the Old Biscuit Mill — a stunning sample of foods from restaurants all over the city served up every Saturday morning. Second, and just as amazing, is The Feastival — a monthly evening of food from even more restaurants, accompanied by wine tastings and live music.

So, if food is a priority when it comes to choosing your next destination, consider Cape Town. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.