Last Words: Good and bad ideas from the AMS Annual General Meeting

The AMS had their Annual General Meeting last Monday and although they didn't meet quorum, quite a few things were discussed. Here are a few things that we at The Ubyssey think are good and bad.

Good idea: Coffee cart

AMS President Ava Nasiri mentioned that the AMS was considering implementing a rolling cart that would travel around the Nest in response to long lines at Uppercase. Anything that brings coffee closer to our faces without us needing to actually walk somewhere is okay by us.

Bad idea: School bus

AMS President Ava Nasiri asked the crowd what they thought about the AMS buying a school bus and running it along the Broadway corridor. The idea was met with silence and a couple of questions — how many stops would it make? (One, at Cambie.) How much would it cost? (Ten dollars a month.) How would you check that only students were using it? (Not sure.) Should we be focusing on repaying the debt of the Nest instead of buying buses? (Maybe.) We'll just stick to the 99 for now.

Good idea: Toonie Tuesdays at the Pit

Mini-beers. Two dollars. We'll get our data journalists to see whether the cost per millilitre is better than a full pint, but we'll put this one in the “tentatively good idea” column for now.

Good idea: More student oversight

Student Services Manager Hussam Zbeeb briefly mentioned that he was working on a student feedback session for AMS services like SafeWalk, the Sexual Assault Support Centre and the Food Bank. Nasiri brought up the idea of having more general meetings throughout the year so that execs could be more directly accountable for their portfolios. Neither idea is official yet and we'll see how good a job they do at advertising them to students, but the general idea of more feedback is a good one.