Last Words: Ornithological AMS, snobby salespeople and student court

The AMS is becoming an aviary

The AMS has been the early bird when it comes to rebranding student society institutions, and the Hatch -- the new name for the AMS Art Gallery -- is just another chicken in their hen house.

We get it, you love birds. So do we, but eventually you're going to have to put a cap on that eagle and stop with the bird puns. First the Coop, then the Nest, the Perch and now the Hatch, when will the AMS just let it fly south for the winter?

We know the AMS is just trying to spread its wings with the opening of the Nest, but there's only so many bird references this university can take.

We've run out of bird puns, but you get it. Continuing with the aviary theme is simply a birdbrained move. Seriously guys, it's getting hawkward.

Snobby salespeople supercede suckups

Have you ever walked into a store selling expensive wares and immediately felt judged by the sales people? Well apparently those rude people sell more than the nice ones, which completely contradicts most people's experiences.

In some senses sure, having snobby workers could boost the aesthetic appeal of the luxury items the customer is purchasing, that doesn't mean people enjoy rude staff.

That said, nobody likes an overly enthusiastic and peppy worker either. Being constantly asked "do you need any help?" can become a nuisance.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to being a sales associate, leave the customer alone unless they look desperate for help, and when they do, be kind.

The AMS is courting itself with the student court

The AMS’ decision to bring back their student court in the hopes of having an disinterested group of students resolve disputes and controversial issues is an especially confusing one, considering the fact that the role of their ombudsperson is to do just that.

It sounds like the AMS still hasn’t quite figured out how the two of them will work together, but it looks like this student court idea is shaping out to be yet another rung in the convoluted ladder of bureaucracy that anyone who deals with the organization has to climb on the daily. As the AMS openly admits that the student court will not have any real power (Council will still have to vote to approve anything they suggest), this naturally begs the question of what they are even there for.

If it’s simply to play court and provide suggestions through a student voice, there are already ample other opportunities for this to happen through other mediums -- in fact, that’s what Council is supposed to be in the first place. If they do set up the court in such a way that it both has some real influence and actually provides something that existing services don't, then we can revisit its value.