Streeters: Arts language requirement

The Arts foreign language requirement has been a hot topic of late, so we toured campus to see what you think.

Graden Deasey - Faculty of Engineering

“Personally, I wouldn't want to have to complete this requirement.”

Nadia Al-Wahaibi - Faculty of Arts

“I understand that it is useful to know a second language, but students should have the ability to pick what they are interested in.”

Priya Thind - Faculty of Arts

“It's tedious and not needed.”

Harminder Atwal - Faculty of Arts

“There are a lot of us who speak another language — like Punjabi or Hindi — but in order to fulfill the requirement, we need to take courses and write a test.”

Adrianne Ahn - Faculty of Arts

“Majority of people from my high school have already completed the language requirement, so it shouldn't be a problem for people like them. Languages are interesting, so many students would be okay with it.”

Gillis van de Wall - Faculty of Arts

“I understand somewhat why it exists, but I think it is not a necessary thing. I actually have a second language, but it doesn't qualify under their lists, so I have to write a special test for it.”