In an apparent fit of masochism, UBC appeals our FOI case

We were just served notice that UBC is appealing the court case we've been fighting them on for the past three years. Again.

After UBC originally refused The Ubyssey's Freedom of Information request for their grading rubrics for broad-based admissions, the BC Office of Information and Privacy (OIPC) demanded they release them. So they sued the OIPC in the BC Supreme Court, and we won there too.

Why we've been in a court battle with UBC for three years

After the latest decision, the university had a choice — they could hand over the rubrics the OIPC and the BC Supreme Court demanded they release, or they could try again in the BC Court of Appeal. They chose the latter.

UBC has now been ordered multiple times by multiple officials to release the documents, but they're determined to waste tens of thousands of dollars on a case they're destined to lose, fighting against their own students in the interest of opacity. We've sent a freedom of information request to find out exactly how much money the university has wasted fighting us in court and we'll let you know as soon as we find out.

For a university wracked with transparency issues that can't seem to stop hiking tuition and housing fees, it's interesting to say the least that they continue to treat non-transparency as a key fiscal priority.

See you in court, UBC.