Letter from the Ubyssey Publications Society president: 2023/24 update

Hey UBC!

It has been an honour to serve as the president of the Ubyssey Publications Society’s Board of Directors for the past two years!

This year, the board continued its promise of increased transparency by publishing multiple presidential and financial updates and by ensuring students can visit our business office with questions or concerns.

For the first time since we became a society in 1996 (excluding a small update in 2017), I, along with board members and editors, am working on a bylaw review. The changes recommended to our bylaws and policies will be presented to the new board at their first meeting in May. These much-needed changes will help The Ubyssey adapt to the changing media landscape, as well as ensure the society is a welcoming and equitable space for all.

This year we also renewed our space agreement with the AMS, locking us into our space at the NEST until late 2028. This will allow The Ubyssey to continue delivering for the UBC community, and to continue fostering student journalism across campus.

Until my term ends on May 1, if you have any questions, my door is always open in room 2209 of the Nest or by email at president@ubyssey.ca.

To all the volunteers and staff at The Ubyssey, thank you for all of the work you do to keep this organization running, you are all amazing. Ubyssey forever.

This article was originally published in the April 9 print issue of The Ubyssey.

President of The Ubyssey Publications Society

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