Last Words: Use September to set yourself up for the next seven months of hell

This September, first years arrived to an idyllic version of UBC, while returning students questioned if the 99 made a wrong turn and ended up at an unrecognizably sun-soaked version of campus. And so, with the good weather and absence of homework, comes a rush of adrenaline and motivation that — just like the shining sun and your will to wake-up for your 8 a.m. class — will undoubtedly disappear as soon as Billy Joe Armstrong wakes up and September ends.

If you’ve done this before, you’ll know that once rain and midterms set in, your promises of doing all of your readings and going to the mountains on the weekends will crumble faster than a Loafe scone.

Why let all those good intentions die with the crowds at the bookstore?

We at The Ubyssey suggest you harness the September rush to make the next seven months in Raincouver slightly less hellish.

The next time you’re sitting at your computer bursting with passion for this curiously bright campus and optimism for the year, channel that energy towards setting yourself up for success throughout the rest of the year. Sign-up for that fitness class and pay through the semester so you know you’ll go. Email that club you’ve always been interested in and note its next event into your calendar — you have to actually go for this to work. Make a lot (a lot!) of chili and freeze it in a Tupperware so you will have something healthy to eat on the nights you’re cramming in IKB — just try to get a stranger to watch your things while you heat it up.

Your September energy burst can fuel you from class to work to Pit Night and back to class again the next morning this month — so you know anything is possible — and it can take you further than the Nest if you use it right. Find and plan things to look forward to during the year, set healthy routines so they’re habit come midterms and maybe even go to an office hour or two. Your grades and your sanity will thank you come November.

You may be able to count on your shit falling apart 3.5 weeks into the term like clockwork, but can also trust your September rush has set you up for balance and success long after your frequent nights at Koerner’s end.