AMS Decoded: What to look for in the May 17 Council meeting

Every few weeks, your elected student government meets on a Wednesday night to talk about issues concerning the AMS. Agenda items can seem long, mysterious and confusing without the proper background, making it difficult to see how these issues affect students. Here’s what to watch out for in this week’s AMS Council meeting:

Committee appointments

AMS Council will be conducting its summer committee appointments at this meeting, which includes both members of Council and students-at-large (students that are not members of Council).

Executive goals

Council will be hearing from the five elected executives of the AMS — the President, the Vice President Academic & University Affairs, the Vice President Administration, the Vice President External Affairs and the Vice President Finance — as well as the Student Services Manager about their goals, both individually and collectively, for the upcoming year. 

Highlights include the completion of the AMS Strategic Plan, advocacy to the university about the UBC Strategic Plan and a new, data-driven approach to communications. These goals are being approved in accordance with a new internal policy for goal setting and reporting, created in the wake of the in the wake of the governance review last year. 

Preliminary budget

Council will be hearing from the new VP Finance, Alim Lakhiyalov, about the 2017-2018 AMS budget. The budget is still early in its development, as the executive team only took office on May 1 and the finance committee will only be able to begin its consideration once members are appointed at this meeting.

 Jakob Gattinger is a fourth-year student in the faculty of applied science, a member of AMS Council, and a member of the UBC Vancouver Senate.