Researchers develop new flexible, stretchable touch sensors

9 hours agoA group of UBC researchers, led by PhD student Mirza Saquib Sarwar and assisted by UBC professor of applied science Dr. John Madden, are pushing the boundaries of touchscreen technology by building flexible touchscreen sensors.

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Eating organic won't save the planet

As a student who spends all their money on beer and the occasional book, organic foods might not make it into your grocery cart. Even if for no reason other than the price, perhaps you’ve asked yourself how much better organic food really is.

When the going gets tough, some spiders make friends

Having worked with Anelosimus spiders for a long time, Aviles and Hoffman observed less social species found at higher elevations and more social species found at lower elevations. Social spiders are those that live in giant, cooperative webs.

Is prescription heroin the future of addiction treatment?

It’s nearly impossible to ignore the current opioid crisis in Vancouver. Advertisements for Naloxone are plastered across campus. But is there another way to treat addiction and fight back against the opioid crisis?

Study: How to build a welcoming mental healthcare system

Initiatives have been introduced across Canada, focusing on youth mental health, and the findings of the study help to highlight areas that still require development, giving direction to future movements in the mental health field.

Professor wins award for equation that is beyond its time

Quasisymmetric Schur functions are a tool to help mathematicians solve problems. The problem is that they are so new and so theoretically ahead of the curve, no one even knows what problems to solve with them yet.

Conference tackles issues in animal welfare

The first UBC Animal Welfare Conference will be put on by the UBC Pre-Veterinary and Animal Welfare Club (PAW). The conference provides a space for people to discuss and learn about initiatives to combat animal welfare issues.